Congratulations to FPA Member and Author, Kelly DiGonzini


Congratulations to FPA Member Kelly DiGonzini, CFP®, MST, of Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors, on the publication of her new book, Your Dollars, Our Sense. Kelly, along with six colleagues, wrote the book based on their weekly personal finance emails called The Sense.

The Sense was inspired by the women of Beacon Pointe Advisors. In 2014, they set out on a mission to combine the most sought after financial guidance, carefully reflecting on thousands of discussions with clients, family members and our community over the years. Their goal was to provide a single-source for all things personal finance, in a relatable and engaging way. The Sense was born as a free email subscription service that provides one bit-sized financial tip a week.

This book is a compilation of their weekly emails, mixed with blood, sweat and tears (with seven women working together, there were bound to be tears!). To anyone who has thought, “I should really know more about my finances,”, this book is for you. You can sign up for their weekly emails at or get their book on Amazon.