The Advisors in Transition community addresses the needs and interests of FPAOC members contemplating changes in the ownership, structure and oversight of their practices. More specifically, this community includes advisors in the process of establishing independent practices, considering retirement or ownership transfers, addressing internal and external successions, and looking to grow their businesses for future transitioning to the next generation.


2020 AiT Meeting Dates

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Watch for dates to come. Also join us for the Joint Mixer on September 23, 2020.

Advisors in Transition (AiT) Meeting


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Creating Presence In Your Absence: Using Online Meetings To Maintain and Grow Relationships

Can Zoom or other online meeting platforms be effective for financial advisors and clients in a COVID World? Absolutely.
Using a set of best practices, you can make these meetings effective for you, as well. You will learn tips and strategies to get the most out of this technology resource. Join us for an interactive Zoom meeting for growth-minded advisors who wish to improve their relationships with clients.
With Michael Roby, Managing Partner, Journey Advisory Group