Advisors in Transition Meeting (AiT)


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: Brown & Streza Training Room
40 Pacifica, Suite 1500
Irvine, CA 92618

Join us for a special evening as we discuss Breaking Away in Today’s Environment. The evening will include networking and refreshments. Cost is $15.00 online or $20.00 at the door. Parking is included.

AiT addresses the needs and interests of members contemplating changes in the ownership, structure and oversight of their practices. We include advisors in the process of establishing independent practices, considering retirement or ownership transfers, addressing internal and external successions, and looking to grow their businesses for future transitioning to the next generation.

David Abell, Esq. and Urban Adams

Session Title:
Breaking Away in Today's Environment

David Abell and Urban Adams will hold a conversation about the key aspects of breaking away in today’s environment. Why it makes sense, when to start planning and how to accomplish the break. They will put some perspective around the importance of planning and how to maximize your value in the marketplace and maintain (if not increase) the value of your business post-transition. Some of the topics they will discuss include timeline and key milestones; strategic planning and professional support to maximize value; thinking like an entrepreneur; understanding your employment agreement; understanding and minimizing business risks; rebuilding your practice; and post-transition operations.