Beyond AUM: Helping Clients Boost Their Income – By Bill Tom


7:30 am - 8:30 am

Financial advisors are fiduciary parties in servicing their clients’ investment portfolio based on what the clients decide to invest with you (Assets Under Management AUM). A Holistic Advisor is one who help guide clients to accumulate greater wealth beyond the AUM. Learn strategies you can impart to your clients and prospects different ways they can increase income. Highlighted will be how to increase your compensation in your career.

Bill Tom

Managing Partner


William (Bill) Tom is Managing Partner of infoQuest, a business advisory that focuses on leadership development and executive search. Clients include mid-market privately held businesses as well as larger entities such as Apple and HP. His firm also helps executives transition into new jobs and careers that align with their calling, and has helped companies and executives negotiate a fair but market-competitive compensation. Bill’s background includes a successful career in Silicon Valley in roles ranging from
engineering to C-level leadership, as well as acquiring, growing and selling a business.