Tuesdays@2:00 with FPAOC


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

FPAOC members are meeting and strategizing each Tuesday afternoon via Zoom on topics affecting financial planning in today’s turbulent environment. We are lining up subject experts to kick off each meeting and help answer questions.

This week’s scheduled guest presenter is pandemic expert, Dr. Brandon Brown, Associate Professor and Epidemiologist in the UC Riverside School of Medicine.

Dr. Brandon Brown teaches public health and medical ethics, mentors students, leads the campus Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) program, and conducts community based participatory research on HIV and aging. He is also an equity advisor, an honors faculty fellow, and a member of the campus-wide institutional review boards. Brandon is particularly interested in decision making for payment to participants in research, and recently helped to update the international HIV prevention research ethics guidelines. With over 120 publications, Brown has received funding from several federal and private organizations, working closely with community partners in all research. Brandon is chair of the board of directors of TruEvolution, which fights for health equity and racial justice to advance the quality of life and human dignity of LGBTQ+ people.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from the University of California, Irvine, followed by a M.P.H. in epidemiology from UCLA. He then attended the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to earn his Ph.D. in international health with a focus on epidemiology, then conducted his postdoctoral work in global health back at UCLA. Brandon received additional training through the UCLA CHIME/RCMAR program, as a HPTN Scholar, at the Fordham HIV Research Ethics Training Institute, and the Hastings Center for Bioethics.

Dr. Brown’s research focuses on infectious diseases, and he has been featured in numerous national and international news outlets, speaking about coronavirus misinformation, the dangers of flu, and his experience with SARS quarantine.

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