Tuesdays@2:00 with FPAOC


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

FPAOC members are meeting and strategizing 1-2 Tuesday afternoons per month via Zoom on topics affecting financial planning in today’s turbulent environment. We are lining up subject experts to kick off each meeting and help answer questions.

Join Us This Week for Preferrals: The Unmasking of Asking
With Eric Larsen, Regional Advisor Consultant for Invesco

“Preferrals” is designed to help professionals overcome the apprehension of asking for referrals. This research-based approach aims to transform the outdated and potentially harmful referral into a low-risk offer to help friends, colleagues and family members, based on the professional’s genuine concerns. The program not only seeks to help professionals to learn key principles, it also aims to help them personalize their “preferrals” for immediate application.

We hope you will participate too – we welcome your questions and comments. Register to receive the Zoom information.