Member Spotlight- April 2021, Lilly McBee, FPA Board Member

Lilly McBee, Board Member & Allied Professional

Recent Professional Accomplishment: Making the 2020 President’s Club!

What area of financial planning do you specialize in: What sets you apart from your competition? I am a residential mortgage professional, licensed in 4 states to do business. I specialize in both conventional lending as well as reverse mortgages for retirement planning. i have helped clients in divorce situations, purchase homes, restructure debt and retire better with the right home financing.

Fun Fact About Me: I love playing pickleball!

Philanthropic Interests: Helping the Homeless in Orange County and serving on the FPAOC Board.

What is your favorite part about FPAOC: The people that I get to interact with everyday.

Is there anything else you would like the FPA community to know about you: I work for the #1 Reverse Mortgage company in the nation, and we get on average 47,000 calls a month inquiring about how this mortgage can be used in retirement planning.



Member Spotlight- March 2021, Ken Stark, 47 Year FPA Member

Ken Stark joined the IAFP back in 1974, in the association’s Wild West days, when it was more of an Old Boys Club than the professional association we know today. “It was a small handful of people back then, and it was driven by members who were not accustomed to sharing their leadership roles,” says Ken. “Instead of delegating, they did it all themselves; they were not predisposed to want to share any of the responsibilities or the glory. They thought it was easier to just do that than to train new members to help.”

Ken held different committee and board positions over the next eight years, and when he was elected as president in 1982, he pushed to develop a better network for the team. “My idea in the early years was to build strong and deep leadership through committees, and to mentor and train new leaders to be able to rise up to the top,” he says. “It makes me proud to see how far our group has come, in this area and so many others, as well.”

As a young man, Ken says his first calling was cars: both racing and working on them. “I found that I could make a good living as a mechanic while working toward a mechanical engineering degree, and I continued along in that vein for a number of years, working as a tank mechanic in the Army, then as a general mechanic for the next few years.” Ken says he also gradually developed a fascination with the financial world, learning everything he could about financial planning, insurance, Real Estate, and stocks and bonds, as well as how to navigate the ups and downs of the economy.

“I’d say figuring out how things work, and how to get them to work better, is a running theme to all my career choices,” Ken says. “Keeping abreast of all the factors, known and unknown, and planning ahead for them, is the idea I try to spread. Developing one’s financial literacy is a basic skill we need to nurture. I think God gave me the heart of a teacher and I love sharing my knowledge and experience, helping my friends and family improve their lives.” Ken says being involved in the FPA has been a mainstay for him throughout his career, and he’s proud to have contributed to its development over the years.

In addition to financial planning, he says he loves traveling and fishing, as well as spending time with his wife, their kids and grandkids. Ken says he’s in no hurry to retire, though, because he loves taking care of his clients. “If you can make a living at something you are truly passionate about, you’ll never work a day in your life.”