FPAOC’S Partners

FPAOC is thankful to all our Partners for supporting the mission and activities of our chapter and for coming alongside our members to grow their businesses. Our Partners will have representatives at each quarterly meeting and other FPA of Orange County events, please take a few minutes to introduce yourself, find out how they might help you, and please thank them for making possible all that we do to grow financial planning! (As always, perform your own due diligence before engaging any professional.)


Contact: Steph M. Laflamme, Regional Vice President
Phone: (866) 245-3885
Website: www.cnlsecurities.com

Contact: Renee and Robert Trommler
Office Phone: (714) 669-8313
Renee’s Cell: (714) 856-9554
Robert’s Cell: (714) 856-9555
Website: www.rtrommler.totallyreverse.com

Contact: Ben Garate, Regional Director
Office Phone: (888) 446-3773 x7749
Cell Phone: (310) 415-5092
Website: www.hinessecurities.com

Contact: Cory Harkleroad, CEO
Direct: (469) 702-1031
Mobile: (316) 208-7100
Website: www.hjh1031.com

Contact: Pete Blasi
Phone: (855) 275-3978
Website: www.myseniorhealthplan.com

Contact: Scott Heinila, RICP®, CLTC®, Regional Director
Phone: (888) 838-0448
Website: www.producerschoicenetwork.com

Contact: Anand Sheth, CEO // Co-Founder
Phone: (951) 254-2373
Website: www.pulse360.com

Contact: Matthew Jones, CFA®, US Intermediaries | Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (410) 274-5671
Website: http://www.troweprice.com/fi

Contact: John Gould
Phone: (877) 215-1330 ext. 7125
Website: www.thornburg.com


Contact: Doug Brown, Business Development Executive
Phone: (602) 743-4169
Website: www.northerntrust.com

Contact: Mike Diephouse, Senior Consultant
Phone: (949) 809-2695
Website: www.scholarshare529.com

Contact: Barry Boyte, Executive Vice President
Phone: (858) 530-1031
Website: www.ssginstitutional.com

Contact: Scott Monroe Phone: (949) 366-4161 Website: www.tdainstitutional.com

Contact: John Leon Phone: (310) 994-3077 Website: advisors.vanguard.com

Contact: Lilly McBee, Mortgage Planning Professional, NMLS #384875
Phone: (888)988-6939 x8631
Website: www.aag.expert/lillymcbee

Contact: Jason Hayes, Senior Vice President
Phone: (310) 245-7855
Website: http://www.cantor.com/

Contact: Tammy Melvold, Senior Consultant
Phone: (502) 919-8363
Schedule a Meeting with Tammy: calendly.com/tmelvold
Website: www.dplfp.com

David Little, CFP, CFA, President
Carl Lachman, CFP, MBA, Vice President
David MacLeod, CFP, CFA, Financial Advisor
Phone: (714) 738-0220

Contact: Ben Bingham, Regional Sales Consultant
Phone: (949) 230-3794
Website: www.innovatoretfs.com

Contact: John J. Leonard, Executive Director, Client Advisor
Phone: (619) 206-0785

Contact: Chris M. Johnson, Executive Director
Phone: (949) 246-8997

Website: www.jpmorganfunds.com

Contact: Mac Winchester, CMFC®, APMA®, Regional Manager, Advisor Services
Phone: (201) 827-2306
Website: www.lordabbett.com/

Email: FinancePrograms@ce.uci.edu
Phone: (949) 824-4661
Website: ce.uci.edu

Contact: Joe Merlo
Phone: (402) 384-5340
Website: www.weitzinvestments.com

Contact: Don Pelgrim
Phone: (866) 575-5070
Website: www.wilshirefp.com


Other Partners